• How Much Does a Passenger Slow You Down? Truck vs Car Comparison [Video]

    0-60 MPH times are often somewhat underwhelming here in the mountains (at about one mile above sea level). The lack of oxygen means that engines produce less power, and vehicles are noticeably slower. There is also really no such thing as a definitive 0-60 MPH time. The results depends on

    2017 Ford Transit 350 Twin-Turbo V6 Cargo Van? Why Is It So Popular? (Review)


    Based on total U.S. reported sales for the 2016 calendar year, Ford claims that their Ford Transit is the best selling full size van in America excluding other Ford products (Ford E-Series). The Ford Transit delivers new features with flexibility for fleet and business customers, as well as for family

    Which Raptor Is Quicker? SVT V8 Old Ford Raptor or a Tuned new Twin-Turbo Raptor (Old vs New)

    2018 ford raptor f150 tuned modified

    Recently, we pitted our long-term 2014 SVT Raptor up against Brady's new Ford Raptor in a side-by-side race and a 0-60 mph comparison. Brady's Raptor has a few performance modifications, so it should be one quick truck. Our Raptor may be a Special Vehicle Team (SVT) truck with a 6.2-liter V8 pushing out 411