• Is This a Raptor Version of the 2019 Ford Ranger Caught Testing in Australia? (Report)

    2019 ford ranger raptor version 4x4

    This current-generation Ford Ranger (Mexican market specification) was seen on the Interstate 15 in Southern California. The image was provided by Ryan McNeal. Thank you Ryan! The folks at CarAdvice caught what appears to be a special off-road version of the next Ford Ranger prototype. Could this be a Ford Ranger Raptor? Check

    Another Ford Ranger Caught in Michigan: What to Expect from the 2019 Ford Ranger? (Op/Ed)

    ford ranger pickup truck extended cab long bed

    Here are the latest images of an Australian/European spec Ford Ranger caught in Michigan with manufacturer plates. This particular XLT Hi-Rider is a right-hand drive truck with an extended cab and a longer (6-foot) bed. Thanks to Brock for sending in the images! We get many questions related to the upcoming Ford Ranger.

    Is the Base V6 Engine All But Forgotten in a Full-Size Pickup Truck? (Ask TFLtruck)

    ram 1500 pickup truck base v6 towing specs

    We recently received the following question from Matt about full-size trucks with the base V6 engines: I know that the base Ford 3.7l, 3.5l and upcoming 3.3l v6 engines don’t get a lot of attention in the automotive press but these are proven, uncomplicated, reliable engines that are often times the