• Is Ford F250 Diesel Better Than a Ford F150 EcoBoost for Full-time RV Trailering? (Ask TFLtruck)

    2018 ford f-150 f-250 half-ton heavy duty truck trailer towing

    Which truck is better for full-time RV trailering (conventional trailer: 5,800 lbs loaded)? Is it a heavy duty diesel or a half-ton pickup with a gas motor? Jeff is specifically asking about a choice between a Ford F-250 with the Power Stroke V8 and a Ford F-150 with a 2.7L

    2018 Ford Super Duty Limited Revealed at the 2017 State Fair of Texas [Video]

    This week at the Texas State Fair, Ford debuted the 2018 Ford Super Duty Limited. This truck aims to combine the capability that we have come to expect from the Super Duty lineup with the luxury of Ford's Limited range. Capability The standard powertrain on the 2018 Ford Super Duty Limited models

    2018 Ford F150 Diesel 3.0L “Lion” V6 Weight / Towing Specifications Printed in the Owner’s Manual

    2018 ford f-150 f150 sport 4x4 package sales august

    Ford has printed the owner's manual for the 2018 Ford F150 with the 3.0L Lion V6 diesel weight and axle ratio specifications. The new 2018 F150 trucks are starting to arrive at dealerships across the country and to many new owners. Two pieces of information immediately jump out: the Gross