• Would You Tune and Boost Your Brand New Diesel HD Truck? (Ask TFLtruck)

    2017 2018 gmc chevy v8 duramax diesel tuner intake exhaust

    We recently got a question about tuning and performance gains on the latest diesel hd trucks. 2017 model year diesels are already very impressive from the factory. Ford Power Stroke, GM Duramax, and Ram Cummins engines are rated at 900 lb-ft of torque and above from the factory. The aftermarket companies

    2018 Ford F150 Claims Big Numbers: 13,200 Lbs of Max Towing, More Payload, and More MPGs (Specs)

    2018 ford f150 specs towing payload mpg

    Truck guys love numbers, and Ford has just announced specifications for the updated 2018 F-150 pickup truck lineup. The company claims three impressive and class-leading numbers. All specifications listed here are according to Ford. 2018 Ford F150 Specs If you are buying a truck for towing, then you will be pleased to hear