• Truck Rewind: Dodge Deora Concept – Retro-Futuristic Awesomeness

    Customized by the famous Alexander Brothers (Mike and Larry) from Detroit, MI - the Dodge Deora Concept ignited the imaginations of model-builders and Hot Wheels collectors alike. What started life as a 1967/68 Dodge A-100 compact pickup truck became a darling of the auto show circuit. It is considered by

    Old vs Older: Dodgezilla Ram 1500 vs Big Green Chevy K10 on the Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review (Video)

    1994 dodgezilla ram dodge big green chevy k10

    It's finally time for Dodgezilla (Dodge Ram 1500) and Big Green (Chevy K10) to stretch their legs on our Gold Mine Hill off-road trail. We have spent several months working on our trucks. MrTruck went through every part of his 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 aka. Dodgezilla Overkill. It has new injectors, an

    Chevy, Dodge Ram, or Ford? We Drag Race Our Project Trucks! (Video)

    big green chevy k10 ford f250 highboy dodge ram 1500 drag race old fun

    Race them if you got them! You may have seen our project trucks before. We have been working on our 1985 Chevy K10 "Big Green" truck for many months. Tommy recently purchased a 1974 Ford F250 Highboy "Rusty Boy". Kent "Mr.Truck" Sundling has been wrenching on his 1994 Dodge Ram