• I am Buying an SUV and a Truck for $80K Cash: Chevy, Honda, or Toyota? (Ask TFLtruck)

    2017 pickup truck tail lights tacoma canyon f-150 ford ridgeline super duty sierra

    We recently received the following question from David D. I'm in the position of purchasing two vehicles in the next week of so. Cash purchase with a maximum combined budget for both vehicles of $80k. My trade-in vehicles are a 2016 (pre-facelift) Ford Escape SE and a 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.6

    2017 Chevy Colorado Duramax with Exhaust Stacks? What Do You Think? Ask TFLtruck

    Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Boss 3.0

    How about exhaust stacks on a 2017 Chevy Colorado Duramax? This is a question that we received from Dallin L. at ask@tfltruck.com . The small turbo-diesel in the GM midsize trucks is often referred to as the "baby Duramax". We have also called the truck the "little big rig". Dallin writes... I

    How Much Can My Lifted Truck Tow? Ask MrTruck (Video)

    2018 gmc sierra hd denali

    How much can my lifted truck tow? What a great and important question! Manufacturers carefully define the payload and towing capability of every truck configuration that they sell. Most of us like to modify our trucks, and that includes giving the suspension a lift. There are many factors that go into defining