• Why Don’t Trucks Get More Active Aerodynamics: Retractable Chin Spoiler for Efficiency and Off-Road Ability?

    2018 ford f150 turbo v6

    Many truck manufacturers install low-hanging front air dams to improve the truck's highway fuel economy. However, these aerodynamic devices hurt the truck's off-road performance, as far as hitting and scraping the front chin on dirt and rocks (or even sidewalk curbs). Could there be another solution? TFLtruck received this question from

    What Are the Real Costs of Owning a Diesel Half-ton Pickup Truck? (Ask TFLtruck)

    2018 ram 1500 limited ecodiesel turbo

    What are the real-world costs of owning a turbo-diesel half-ton pickup truck? Kevin from Austin, TX recently asked this important question. This question will become ever more relevant over the next year as diesel half-ton trucks from Ford and GM will be joining Ram's EcoDiesel. Ford already confirmed that a turbodiesel (aka. Power

    Ask TFLtruck: Which Used Truck to Buy under $25,000 to Tow 7,500 Lbs Trailer? Nissan Titan?

    2014 nissan titan pro-4x extreme towing ike gauntlet

    We recently received the following question from Adam C. It boils down to: which used truck under $25,000 to buy to tow a 7,500 lbs trailer on a regular basis? Long-term reliability and towing performance are the main requirements for Adam. I am looking for used trucks that can tow a

    Buying a 2018 Ford F150 to Tow a Fifth-Wheel Trailer: Maxing Out Payload? (Ask TFLtruck)

    ford f150 towing 5th camping trailer

    TFLtruck has recently received the following question from Nate A. about towing a fifth-wheel trailer with a Ford F-150. I’m planning on buying a beefed up 2018 Ford F150 (3.5L EcoBoost V6, heavy payload package, etc) to tow a fifth wheel. Do these specs work? - Tow capacity of 11,700, trailer will