• Truck Rewind: The 1963 Studebaker-Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept – Their Final Design

    The 1963 Studebaker-Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept was simple and inexpensive compact runabout with an 8-foot bed. It also represented one of the last vehicles to be designed by Studebaker before they closed their doors for good. Studebaker did build several trucks in its time, but it was never the main emphasis for the

    Truck Rewind: Kaiser-Willys Jeep Wide-Trac: There’s something you don’t see Everyday

    The Kaiser-Willys Jeep Wide-Trac concept was built to be an affordable, easy to assemble all-terrain truck that was inexpensive for third-world countries. It may have been under consideration by the United States Army, although that's based on hearsay. It has an all-aluminum body and what appears to be an angle-iron-built front

    Truck Rewind: The Volkswagen AAC Pickup Truck – Missed Opportunity or Good Call?

    The Volkswagen AAC (Advance Activity Vehicle) was a design study based on the Volkswagen Concept D, (which became the Volkswagen Touareg) converted into a car-unibody-based pickup. It had a 313 horsepower, twin turbocharged V10 TDI diesel engine that produced around 553 lb-ft of torque. Impressive numbers, even by today's standards.

    Truck Rewind: 1949 NAMI-012 Steam Powered Truck – Russia Was a Tough Mother

    russian truck nami-012 steam powered heavy semi

    The 1949 NAMI-012 Steam Engine Truck was built specifically to counter the lack of affordable oil-based fuels. Russia/the USSR was cash-strapped after World War II and rebuilding the country without vehicles that can haul was unthinkable. Unfortunately, with much of the government's budget going towards their nuclear weapons research (Russia's