• 2017 Ford Raptor Test Drive: Off-Road Rock Star – Then and Now [Review]


    Nearly every vehicle manufacturer of both autos and trucks engage in the common practice of touting their latest wares by making bold and sometimes even outrageous claims about the vehicle’s performance capabilities. As far as trucks are concerned, each manufacturer portrays their vehicle as the toughest and most capable. In

    Test Drive: 2017 Honda Ridgeline Returns to the Light-Duty Midsize Truck Arena [Review]

    2017 Honda Ridgeline

    The first-generation Honda Ridgeline ran from 2006 through 2014. It was a different kind of truck appearing in a non-traditional form. Many viewed it as a Japanese Avalanche given its unique styling. There were even a few that likened it to an El Camino, although I’m not sure why. Moving forward,