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    2016 ram 1500 light police truck special service

    2016 Ram 1500 Police Truck or 2016 Ram 1500 R/T Sports Truck? [Video]

    Ram offers two choices of pickups that can be on the opposite sides of the law. On one hand is the 2016 Ram 1500 police truck, also known as the Ram

    2016 ford f-150 limited ecoboost turbo v6 aluminum

    2016 Ford F150 4X4 Limited Review: How the Upper 1% Haul

    Our 2016 Ford F150 4X4 Limited came loaded with just about every imaginable extra pricing it at $67,270. Remember: we're talking about a six-cylinder pickup truck, not a German luxury

    Freightliner Pikes Peak

    Mike Ryan’s 2,400-HP Semi Didn’t Finish Pikes Peak, Future Uncertain

    Last week we brought you coverage from the 100th annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb near Colorado Springs, CO, including one of the most spectacular vehicles in the race: Mike


    2018 Jeep Wrangler To Go On Sale in First Half of 2017, Wrangler Pickup Comes in 2018

    Jeep and Ram brand CEO, Mike Manley, reveals new information about the upcoming 2018 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler pickup truck, according to a recent report by Edmunds.com. First up is the

    2017 ford raptor exhaust note

    Hear the 2017 Ford Raptor Prototype Exhaust Note: Spied Testing in California Desert

    We are still several months away from driving and testing the second generation 2017 Ford Raptor, but Michael S. spied a herd of new Raptor prototypes and pre-production units testing

    2016 mopar ram rebel

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about ’16 Mopar Ram Rebel [Video]

    FCA's performance accessories and customization division, Mopar, is doing something different for 2016. They usually work on Jeeps and performance cars. Enter the '16 Mopar Ram Rebel. It starts life

    ford ranger 2018 2019 diesel

    Is This Ford Ranger Spied in Australia Worth a Second Look?

    Is this left-hand drive Ford Ranger pickup pictured on a highway near Melbourne, Australia worth a second look? It is a bit odd for a left-hand drive pickup to just

    Freightliner Pikes Peak

    2400-hp Freightliner Pikes Peak Semi Race Truck Is Porsche Quick [Video]

    The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest race in the country (the Indy 500 is just slightly older) and it takes place this Sunday, June 26th. This year

    Forbidden Fruit: 2016 Mahindra Imperio Pickup Truck Looks Tasty

    The Mahindra Imperio is just one of several trucks the giant automaker has in its portfolio. In the United States, Mahindra is known for their affordable agricultural equipment and has

    2016 ford f-150 ecoboost turbo explorer platinum limited luxury truck suv

    2016 Ford F-150 Limited vs. Ford Explorer Platinum: Truck vs. SUV Twin Turbo Mashup Review

    Which vehicle is the better family truckster: is it a pickup truck or an SUV? More specifically, is it the 2016 Ford F-150 or the 2016 Ford Explorer? Even more

    Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ford F-150 3.5L Twin Turbo Drag Race: V6 vs V8 Mile High Smack Down

    The 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor was the last light duty Ford pickup truck that you could buy with the big 6.2L V8. Ford says that the V8 rumble does not matter

    Check Out This Rare and Customized Jeep FC170 Pickup Truck!

    One of the reasons we go bonkers over the Jeep FC170 Truck and other Jeep Forward Control (FC) trucks is that the platform is so utilitarian. They were the work-horses

    2017 ram power wagon prototype

    2017 Ram Power Wagon Prototype and Many Ram HD Trucks Spied

    The 2017 Ram Power Wagon will go on sale near the end of the 2016 calendar year. The truck is getting a new grille, front-end design, graphics, and an all-new

    2016 lexus gx460 off-road luxury suv rocky trail review

    Can the 2016 Lexus GX460 Clear the Articulation Section of the Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review

    Can the 2016 Lexus GX460 climb to the very top of the TFLtruck's Gold Mine Hill off-road trail, or will limited ground clearance and street-biased tires hold it back?  The