• Why is Ford Testing the 2017 Ford Transit Diesel Towing Against Competition? [Spied]

    2017 ford transit towing spied spy diesel power stroke

    How easy is it to get prototype vehicles on video? Why is Ford testing the 2017 (or 2018) Ford Transit commercial vans against competition? Which vans does Ford consider as competition for the Transit? All these are really good questions, and Roman and Tommy aim to answer most of these

    TFLtruck Talk: Heavy Duty Truck Wars, 2017 Ford Super Duty, and “Truck Nuts” Book Announcement

    2017 ford super duty tfltruck talk mrtruck.com

    Heavy Duty truck wars are hotter than ever, and the newest contender is the 2017 Ford Super Duty. What is all the excitement about? Ford came out swinging with seven class-leading claims. This includes power specs, payload and towing capability numbers. TFLtruck.com and MrTruck.com are going to the 2017 Super Duty

    Tesla Electric Pickups, Semi Trucks, and Autonomous Buses: All Part of the Plan [News]

    tesla model x pickup truck semi bus

    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is pushing the company vision forward by releasing the master plan 2.0. Why is this important for truck consumers, enthusiasts, and commercial truck operators? It's because the plan includes electric pickup trucks, autonomous semi trucks and city buses. Elon Musk states the following: Today, Tesla addresses two relatively

    Can the 2016 Ranger Rover Sport Diesel be the Most Efficient Towing Rig of the Year?

    2016 ranger rover sport diesel mpg towing

    Small turbo-diesel engine and SUVs should go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately, we don't get many of these in the United States. The Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel has been around for some time, but now there is another more premium SUV option with a diesel. Enter the 2016

    Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 or Ram 4×4? Why Don’t You Do Base-Model Truck Reviews? [Ask TFLtruck]

    2015 RAM HFE EcoDiesel

    TFLtruck recently received the following question from TFL viewer, DRM. Actually, there are several questions in this letter. TFL, Perhaps you have already done a review like this, but I’ve yet to find it if you have. Currently driving a VW Jetta TDI diesel, otherwise known as “The Devil Car.” It’s been