• Why Don’t Trucks Get More Active Aerodynamics: Retractable Chin Spoiler for Efficiency and Off-Road Ability?

    2018 ford f150 turbo v6

    Many truck manufacturers install low-hanging front air dams to improve the truck's highway fuel economy. However, these aerodynamic devices hurt the truck's off-road performance, as far as hitting and scraping the front chin on dirt and rocks (or even sidewalk curbs). Could there be another solution? TFLtruck received this question from

    Jeep Wrangler Pickup: Only Midsize Truck with Open Top, Solid Axles, Folding Windshield, and a Hybrid?

    2019 jeep scrambler wrangler prototype midsize pickup truck

    What if the upcoming 2019 Jeep Wrangler pickup truck (unofficially known as 2019 Scrambler) was the only midsize pickup truck with a convertible open roof, solid front and rear axles, folding windshield, a turbo-diesel engine, and a possible 2.0L turbocharged engine with a mild 48-volt electric hybrid system? It would

    Upcoming 2019 Mercedes G-Wagon: New Ultra Luxurious and Larger Interior (G-Class)

    2019 mercedes benz g-wagon g-class interior new

    Mercedes-Benz unveils the much larger and redesigned interior of the upcoming new 2019 Mercedes G-Wagon. The G-Class will remain Mercedes' most off-road worthy SUVs, but the interior now offers more passenger volume and a more premium feel. The characteristic horizontal grab handle on the passenger side and the three differential lockers/switches in

    Report: 2019 Ford Ranger is Expected to Debut at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show Next Month

    2019 ford ranger midsize pickup truck prototype 4x4

    Ford has already announced that the next generation Ford Ranger pickup truck is coming in 2019. However, many of the details are still unknown. We have seen many new Ranger prototypes testing on public roads (including the official Ford Ranger Raptor video from Australia), but final design and specifications are

    Truck Rewind: The 1963 Studebaker-Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept – Their Final Design

    The 1963 Studebaker-Westinghouse Pickup Truck Concept was simple and inexpensive compact runabout with an 8-foot bed. It also represented one of the last vehicles to be designed by Studebaker before they closed their doors for good. Studebaker did build several trucks in its time, but it was never the main emphasis for the